Our Trip to Daylesford to Check Out the ChillOut Festival 2018

On the tail end of our trip to Australia, we decided to drive up from Melbourne to Daylesford to check out the ChillOut Festival, a rural LGBTQ pride event we hadn't heard of until this week.

After a little over an hour's drive through gorgeous wooded forest and rolling hills, we found ourselves with hundreds of other LGBTQ folks in the small town of Daylesford. We perched ourselves onto a good viewing area from the sidewalk and watched the parade go by.  Great fun!

We then headed down to the ChillOut Festival grounds, where they had live entertainment, food and various LGBTQ booths all throughout.  It truly was a "chill out" festival, as everyone there seemed to know to bring a lawn chair, a picnic lunch and a blanket and just camp out on the festival grounds for the day.  There were a variety of groups camped throughout.

Matt Skallerud and Richard Brower enjoy eating well and traveling more! They met while they were both an active part of the IGLTA team, and are married and now live in New York City.  Richard's talents are finding incredible flight deals from JFK to points all over the world, as well as locating the best eateries along the way. Matt is part of Pink Banana MediaPink Banana World and the #ILoveGay network, and enjoys merging his personal and professional worlds along the way on these trips.


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