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Our Trip to Daylesford to Check Out the ChillOut Festival 2018

On the tail end of our trip to Australia, we decided to drive up from Melbourne to Daylesford to check out the ChillOut Festival, a rural LGBTQ pride event we hadn't heard of until this week. Chillin' at the Chillout Festival in Daylesford today @chilloutfest #ChilloutFest #ChilloutFest12 #Pride2018 #GayAustralia @ILoveGayOzzies @ILoveLGBTPride — Matt Skallerud 🔆 (@MattSkal) March 11, 2018 After a little over an hour's drive through gorgeous wooded forest and rolling hills, we found ourselves with hundreds of other LGBTQ folks in the small town of Daylesford. We perched ourselves onto a good viewing area from the sidewalk and watched the parade go by.  Great fun! Chillin' at the Chillout Festival in Daylesford today @ChillOut_Fest #ChilloutFestival #Pride2018 #GayAustralia @ILoveGayOzzies @ILoveLGBTPride — ILoveGay Ozzies 🇦🇺 (@ILoveGayOzzies) March 11, 2018 Chillin' at

Touring the Great Ocean Road in Australia

After Sydney Mardi Gras, we decided to do what appears to be a rarity in Australia... we rented a car and drove from Sydney to Melbourne.  Locals universally thought we were crazy (turns out most seem to simply fly back and forth between the two cities), but it really was a beautiful 9-hour drive reminiscent of the rolling coastal hills of California. Day 1 of our adventure on the Great Ocean Road, starting out in @GreaterGeelong @greatoceanroad @GreatOceanRd @richardbrower @ILoveLGBTTravel @ILoveGayOzzies #gaytravel #gayaustralia — Matt Skallerud 🔆 (@MattSkal) March 7, 2018 We started out our trip first thing the next morning and drove out of Melbourne and onto the Great Ocean Road.  The first leg had us cruising along gorgeous inland and coastal routes, where we stopped a few times along the way. We ended up renting a farm house for the night, which was by far one of the top highlights of this trip.  It was a 5 bedroom farm house