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Gay Oklahoma City - Habana Inn

In our travels to both the East Coast and the West Coast everyone always asks the same question to us. Where to party in the Midwest? We always tell them the best two places to party in the Midwest is Chicago and Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City???? Yep, Oklahoma City is the major gay capital of the Midwest. Hard to believe? Well perhaps, however unless you have been there you certainly will not believe that in the bible belt of Oklahoma is this fabulous gay Mecca. We have been going to Oklahoma City to party for over 25 years. The HABANA INN Resort there has been a gay resort for over 25 years. It is the Midwest's largest all gay resort. It is a two story complex. The rooms are spacious and extremely inexpensive. Their rates begin at just $44.95 per room. It is a totally gay resort. Lush tropical plants and trees surround the pool areas. Gays from all over the Midwest have been going there for years. And it is busy 7 days a week, not just on weekends. Lounge around the pool area an

Book Review on Best Selling Author: Robert Hofmann

"ROBERT HOFMANN'S TRILOGY IN THREE BOOKS" review by Donald Pile and Ray Williams There are three books that you simply MUST purchase. SURROUNDED BY INSANITY, AN ORDINARY MADNESS and ONE BRAIN CELL AWAY FROM RETARDED. In our travels from coast to coast we get to meet so many wonderful and exciting people including authors and we had the opportunity to meet Robert Hofmann when we were staying at the Grand Resort and Spa in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Robert's books are the types of books that once you start reading, you won't want to put them down until you have completely finished reading them. Each is absolutely hilarious! They are biographical stories of the author's experience thru his life with his early childhood and growing up with friends and family. Robert grew up in New Jersey and what a wild and crazy and interesting wild he has had. Between his family and friends, he guides the reader thru many exciting episodes of his life. It is wickedly, bitchy