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LGBT Life in Lebanon

Lebanon is a melting pot of European, Mediterranean, East and West cultures. The St. Georges Beach and Marina is the best example of this and is the best place for those who wish to mix and mingle with the locals. Here the hottest guys the city has to offer lounge around in their swimwear. Sadly photography is not permitted but Zaitunay Bay is THE marina in Lebanon where the largest yachts and all that goes with them can be found. At the end of the yacht basin is the Hotel St. George, the “in” spot in the 1960s, now a derelict shell caught in disputes with local investors. This is also the neighbourhood of the former Holiday Inn hotel, partly destroyed by mortars decades ago and the place where a car bomb killed Rafik Hariri, the former prime minister, in 2005. A walk along the promenade is an absolute delight at night with the amazing lights! Beirut is a safe and fun place. Arabs from the Golf States and Iranian tourists fear driving through Syria but still do so as this is by fa

Traveling In Our Fabulous Gay World: The Naomi Wilzig Collection - World Erotic Art Museum

We have just found one of the most unusual, interesting and exciting museums in the world. In our travels from coast to coast we have NEVER visited such a fabulous museum. Located in Miami Beach, Florida at 1205 Washington Avenue, owner Naomi Wilzig has created a world class museum featuring erotic art in all forms. We do need to state that this is NOT a "porno" collection but an "erotic art" collection. They are made out of wood, porcelain, glass, ivory, bronze, silver and every conceivable substance known to man. There are over 4,000 artifacts in the museum which includes biblical, mythological, antiques, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, African, Ethnographic, South American, European/Victorian, Art Nouveau/Deco, Saloon/pin up, Gay and Lesbian, Surrealism , Folk Art, Fetish, as well as modern masters and contemporary art. Many of the Gay and Lesbian artifacts dates back centuries as well as modern items. The museum is housed in a high tech designed museum with ove

Traveling In Our Fabulous Gay World - Santa Fe

Santa Fe is so interesting and exciting. The city was established in 1610 and is one of the oldest cities in the country. The elevation is 7,000 feet. Everyone is welcome in Santa Fe. You won’t see very many gay flags as they don’t need any. Actually it is the most gay-friendly cities in the country. We always stay at the Inn of the Turquoise Bear which is owned by Robert Frost and Ralph Bolton. It is the estate of the former Witter Bynner, the famous poet and author who lived there for over 40 years. Actually the Inn is a “compound” with an adobe wall all around it. It is located just a few blocks of the downtown Plaza. You are really stepping back in time when staying there. Their guest list reads like a who’s who in the arts, entertainment and writers. We have met so many extremely interesting guests over the years staying there. This is just a very grand place to stay when visiting Santa Fe. Actually we think that is the ONLY place to stay in Santa Fe. Their website is www.tur


Last year the first ever Prague Pride was organized amid political controversy, when Czech president Václav Klaus openly criticized having a Pride event in the capital of the Czech Republic. In spite of his statements the first Prague Pride was an overwhelming success, with more than 25.000 visitors. The event turned out to be a human rights manifestation as well as a celebration all over the city, which had a lasting impression on all those present. Prague Pride 2012 will be held from 13 to 19 August 2012 on various attractive locations in the Czech capital. The ambition of the organizing team is to attract an even higher number of visitors than last year. With 7 days filled with entertainment, debates, concerts, exhibitions, theatre and more, Prague Pride 2012 will represent the Czech LGBT+ community in its full colour and diversity. With Prague Pride still being a relatively new event, it has a fresh atmosphere of activism combined with fun, which can no longer be found in many