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JASON TRUMAN - 'Artist - Extraordaire'

In our travels from coast to coast we often attend art shows whenever we can. Sometimes we do not have to travel far to attend them. We attended one in greater Kansas City this past weekend and found the great art work of a particular very talented artist, Jason Truman who lives in greater Kansas City. Jason has been a dedicated artist for several years. He specializes in portraits and fantasy illustrations and he works in “All Things Graphite”. People were lined up to view his artwork at the art show. Sales were rather brisk as art patrons knew they were purchasing something special by an artist that is on the rise. Jason uses a graphite pencil utilizing his knowledge in the art world to create his masterpieces on paper. He also produces sketch cards, finished for the Comics, for Cures charity auction and for Blue Line Pro. He is extremely talented and his works with the male torso is unbelievable. He also has a Star Trek series in addition to regular portraits. You can visit

Grand Resort and Spa - Fort Lauderdale, FL

We have stayed at dozens of gay owned resorts from coast to coast. Most are very professionally operated while a few are an embarrassment. We have been staying at the Grand Resort and Spa in Ft. Lauderdale for the past 10 years and without a doubt, it is THE most professionally operated gay resort in the country. The Grand Resort and Spa is Fort Lauderdale’s largest and finest gay men’s resort hotel, located just steps from the beach and convenient to all the attractions and nightlife in Ft. Lauderdale. As Ft. Lauderdale’s first gay resort with its’ own full-service day spa and hair studio, they can offer their guests an experience that is unique and wonderfully indulgent. When you first call them every staff member is extremely professional, friendly and courteous. They follow up with emails. When checking in, the staff is extremely professional, friendly and courteous. They take nothing for granted and they do anything and everything to make each guest feel very special. We are