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Hey Tourism & Hospitality Professionals, Where Are Your LGBT Travelers Now?

OK, so you're a traveler, LGBT or otherwise.  You've decided you want to go to St. Petersburg, Florida on vacation.  So now what?  What do you do?  Where do you go in your research and what resources do you use in order to plan your vacation?  Next step... so OK, now you're there... you've landed and you've taken a taxi or Uber to your hotel.  So again, now what?  You're hungry, but first you want to meet up with your friends for a cocktail.  What do you do?  How do you as an LGBT traveler determine where you want to go for that drink, your dinner and then out that evening with your friends?  Are you bringing a trusted FunMap, Damron or Spartacus Guide in your pocket?  Are you using specific LGBT travel websites, or perhaps their mobile website or an LGBT travel app to plan your evening?  Or perhaps are you simply Googling "gay bar" or better yet, simply "wine bar" or "best happy hour" and letting your phone do all the work, compil