Glace Chase's Dream Queen Tours of Greenwich Village and NYC

It's a mash-up of a comedy show, a pub crawl and walking tour

Are you heading to New York City anytime soon?  Or do you live here in one of these five boroughs and want to see Manhattan through a new set of eyes?  Then look no further, for Glace Chase has what you are looking for... introducing Glace Chase's Dream Queen Tours of New York City.  As Huffington Post said it best "Is there really a better way to learn 'history' of New York City's iconic West Village than straight from the mouth of a local drag queen?"

Held every Sunday afternoon (and soon, midweek as these groups keep growing by word of mouth!), Glace Chase takes her entourage through the Village, "celebrating New York City's bold personalities who have led interesting lives, as told by this bold personality who has led far too interesting of a life!"  The tours start in a bar and finish in a bar, and as I can tell you firsthand, there's a whole lot that goes on in between.  It's a mash-up of a comedy show, a pub crawl and walking tour, or as quoted by one of her reviewers, a mash-up of "This American Life" with "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" staged as a meandering, somewhat drunken walking tour.

Speaking of reviews, in today's day and age, reviews mean everything!  Glace Chase's Dream Queen Tours have everything you need to decide whether her tour is right for you based on what the world is saying and sharing via social media.  Lots of quotes can be found on her website, with all of the good and juicy stuff found at these direct links:

So if a parody of a history-based walking tour filled with personal anecdotes and razor-sharp wit from one of the funniest up-and-coming drag personalities in NYC is your shtick, be sure to make Glace Chase's Dream Queen Tours part of your NYC experience!

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