LGBT #Hashtag RoundUp: #OutInThailand

Welcome to our first of a new series we're launching here at Pink Banana Media... the LGBT #hashtag RoundUp.  These are "social media stories" told by the folks out there Tweeting, posting their photos to Facebook and Instagram and sharing their videos on YouTube and Vine... all using a unique #hashtag and posting with a purpose!

For our first LGBT #hashtag RoundUp, we've chosen Thailand... as a destination, they've been incredibly successful in utilizing social media in their LGBT marketing outreach, starting with the work Carlos Melia ( / @CarlosMelia) did for Tourism Authority of Thailand ( and / @ThaiGayTravel) in 2012 and 2013 and culminating in an LGBT trip in April/May 2014, bringing together a variety of LGBT travel writers, tour operators and travel agents including Out Adventures, Man About World and more.

Their adventures are told below in Social Media Storyboard format, where their Tweets... their Instagram photos and their Facebook posts are brought together to tell a unique story about Gay & Lesbian Travel to Thailand, as told through the power of Social Media and technology today.

(Click images below to view larger Social Media Storyboard image)

For a current and more detailed view, including live links to everything you see above, go to

The Interpersonal Marketing Strategy by Pink Banana Media
This type of outreach is just a small part of the Interpersonal Marketing Strategy developed here at Pink Banana Media, bringing together more traditional marketing such as banner ads, e-mail and PR, and merging that with the power of social media and #hashtag marketing.  For more information, go to:


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