Jonathan Gatz Fitness Teaming with IGLTA in Chicago


Jonathan Gatz Fitness Trainer To Our Heroes LLC, a gay-owned and operated fitness and tourism related business headquartered in Chicago, is proud to be the official fitness tourism partner of IGLTA’s 30th Annual Global Convention in Chicago, May 2-4.  IGLTA’s convention is the world’s premier educational and networking event for the LGBT tourism industry.
“Chicago is quickly becoming a city known for its progressive fit-minded attitude and a healthy way of life.  Our programs connect conferences, conventions, tourism and special events to fitness.  We also highlight our city’s beautiful architecture, history and especially our diverse community with additional fitness walks and jogs while touring the city,” explains lifelong Chicago resident, Jonathan Gatz, ACE Certified Trainer and President of Jonathan Gatz Fitness.
CEO & Manager Tom Nibbio adds, “Everybody has to constantly evolve, personally and business-wise in order to reach new goals and be successful.  Therefore we take Jonathan’s fitness training ‘rock star status’ and my travel and tourism background to create the synergy that uniquely blends the multiple industries of fitness with the corporate world, event planning, travel and tourism.” 
At IGLTA’s convention, Jonathan Gatz Fitness will unveil a new and creative concept for conference attendees’ partners, spouses and families to tour Chicago with daily ‘JG Fitness-Chicago Fit Tours©’
Jonathan Gatz, the rising star of fitness trainers in the USA, will also lead morning fitness sessions called  ‘Fresh Start with Jonathan’.  These 60-minute sessions provide conference attendees a chance to work on their core strength training and be energized and ready for each exciting, activity-filled day and night at this historical conference.
"IGLTA is always looking for new ways to surprise and engage our convention attendees, so we're happy to include morning fitness programs on the itinerary for the first time," says IGLTA President/CEO John Tanzella. "We're fortunate that JG Fitness is not only gay owned and Chicago based, but also has ties to the travel industry – it's a good fit for our association."
Schedule of fitness tourism-related activities during the 2013 IGLTA Convention:
‘Fresh Start with Jonathan’ fitness sessions for all IGLTA conference attendees
  • Thursday, May 2nd, 6:30-7:30 AM, @ Hyatt Regency Chicago event room. 
  • Friday, May 3rd, 7-8 AM, @ Hyatt Regency Chicago event room. 
  • Saturday, May 4th, 9-10 AM, @ Hyatt Regency Chicago event room.
JG Fitness-Chicago Fit Tours©’ for IGLTA attendee spouses, partners & families
  • Thursday, May 2nd, 9-11 AM, meet in the Hyatt Regency lobby. 
  • Friday, May 3rd, 10 AM - 12 Noon, meet in the Hyatt Regency lobby. 
  • Saturday, May 4th, 1-3 PM, meet in the Hyatt Regency lobby.
To register for the convention go to…
For additional information about the fitness portion of the IGLTA Convention contact:    Tom Nibbio of Jonathan Gatz Fitness, 312-961-6464 or
Twitter:           @jgatz712


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